SofTouch abortion is specifically for early stage pregnancies and is marketed as being a safe and natural way to terminate a pregnancy.

The technical term for SofTouch is Manual Vacuum Aspiration. During the procedure, you will be in the same position as you would be for a pelvic exam.

SofTouch Abortion Procedure:

  • A speculum is placed in the vagina, and then a small tube is placed through the cervix and into the vagina.
  • A syringe is attached to the tube to allow the physician to suction the embryo from the vagina.
  • Patients may feel cramping, as well as feel nauseous and/or faint. Many women experience several minutes of intense cramping during the procedure.

What to Know After a SofTouch Abortion:

  • Irregular bleeding or spotting can occur for the first two weeks after the procedure. Avoid tampons for the first week.
  • Cramps may be similar to menstrual cramps and could last for several hours, up to a few days after the procedure.

However, it is possible that this procedure will not remove the embryo in its entirety. This can result in serious side effects for the woman, including the need for surgical intervention. Potentially dangerous side effects can include uterine or cervical perforation, pelvic infection and excess bleeding.

How far along you are in your pregnancy determines which type of abortion procedure you may have. An ultrasound can provide you with a confirmation of a viable pregnancy, as well as tell you how far along you are. To schedule an ultrasound, click here.

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